Bone marrow donation in Chicago or anywhere else in the world is a good deed. It helps a person to live a healthy life again. If you are eager to know how to donate bone marrow in Chicago, then all you need to do is simply keep reading.

Two Methods

The most common way of donating bone marrow is to donate it to a friend or a family member who needs it. In case no one in your circle has a need for it, and you still want to donate then you can get your name listed on the national registry of willing bone marrow donors. This registry becomes useful for people who need bone marrow but can’t find someone in their close circle of friends and family to donate it.

The Process

If you want to donate bone marrow to another person who is possibly suffering from blood disorders like severe anemia, leukemia or lymphoma then you should make sure that the stem cells in your bone marrow match the receiver’s cells or not.

When your cells match and you are accepted as a donor, a procedure will be performed to collect your stem cells. This process involved filtering the cells directly from your bloodstream. Before the procedure begins, you will need to take a daily medication for five days as the medication will boost the production of stem cells. The more stem cells are there in your blood, the easier it is to gather them to help those in need.

Post Donation

After the donation, the recipient is given the stem cells by following a process that is not unlike blood transfusion.

Register Yourself Today

If you are eager to help people, then you should know that bone marrows are always in high demand. If you are in the USA, you need to register yourself to The National Marrow Donor Program by visiting a website called